Wednesday, January 6, 2010


These days it seems like every time i think of something good that i'm looking forward to doing, the thought is instantly replaced by the thought of something bad that i should be doing.
It's starting to bring me down.
And working long hours in the dark is not helping, of course.

The new shop seems to be coming along great, we're going down there tomorrow to see for ourselves, and that's one thought thing i'm trying to keep focused on.
As for all that unpleasant stuff that's occupying my brain, i guess i'll just have to deal with it as soon as possible.
The parts i can control anyway.

Yesterday we got a new years card and that sure put me in a good mood, thanks Ai!
At least the weather is still lovely

Tomorrow i'll be in a better mood and post uplifting stories and pictures, promise!


  1. I got yours in the mail yesterday as well. Thank you! It said, "Go to your dentist for a check-up!" No, it didn't.

  2. I hope you feel better tomorrow chook x

  3. yeah...looking forward to check it out again.

    btw:is there any way to make that hamster explode by overfeeding it?i tried real hard(for a minute or so...i am not good with patience...)and it didnt do anything!i am not satisfied!

  4. Æv! Jeg synes også, jeg er lidt flad (i enhver forstand) for tiden.

    Januar-blues skal kureres med stearinlys, pandekager, Goodbye Lenin! og hvide tulipaner i en fin vase. Det plejer i hvert fald at virke for mig. :)

  5. i totally feel you on the drained/back to work/suddenly not enough time for anything feeling..

    i need another vacation!
    soon enough i guess...

    and no exploding of the hamster! /cry

  6. haha corey look at you with your /expression - nerddddddddd!

    Oh amalie i hope things get lovelier for you! if you dont cheer up I may need to bring you more squirrels to milan! dont make me do it! :P x

  7. Ai, that would have been awesome!
    Except, i know you don't need a dentist reminder!

    Thanks for the love and advice, and threats of squirrels, guys!
    And Eckel, stop harassing the hamster!