Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to (ugh) normal

No more relaxing, no more junkfood and no more sleeping past noon.
We went back to work today, and although it wasn't too bad, it was still a little depressing.
And cold, so cold.
If we didn't have the new shop to look forward to, i don't know how i'd cope with this winter.

Last night on our way to the pizza place i found an old kitchen chair in the street, it needs some wood glue and paint, but i think it could be nice for... somewhere!

It's monday and already i can't wait for weekend.
I don't usually feel this way, but apparently i'm just a big, whiny cliché this week.


  1. Yeah, I feel you. Hygge mode er svært at komme ud af!
    Fin taburet!

  2. How do the pizza place and no more junk food go together? I need to learn how to do that.

    Good luck with your Back to the Daily Grind Blues.

  3. Sunday= last night of junkfood.
    But homemade pizza is a healthy alternative!

  4. Hang in there , Yellow pants !!
    + Hello from China !!!

    Miss you guys !!