Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ladies who lunch

Last week i had lunch with Ai at The National Art Center in Tokyo, a place much more interesting than the name may suggest.
Ai had a concert later and i had a dinner date, so we only got to hang out for a short time.
It's always like that and it kinda sucks, but at least i'm in Japan often enough for us to hang at all and that's something.

Me earlier that day, wearing my new awesome/weird pants
The museum is only about 5 minutes from Roppongi metro station, just head towards Tokyo Midtown and then follow the signs
Why, only a savage would bring their umbrella inside a museum!
Fancy umbrella parking shed
The restaurant was all the way up on this... pod thingie
Vertigo much?
We sat among a large number of slightly older ladies who looked like they did this sort of thing all the time
Us, two dorks who like to take pictures of their food
Crème Brulée is always good (even when there's hair in it, right Ai?)
A few more shots of this remarkable building
The gift shop was wonderful too, here are some cute dolls...
...and one sneaky friend!
Ai gave me this awesome embroidery book by Makoto Oozu, when i find some of that white pattern fabric i'm gonna try some of these out

Now if you enjoyed these pictures (or the building at least) you must go to Ai's blog and check out all the amazing pictures she took that day, they're much better than mine.
Much better.
Don't forget, it's one of them Wordpress blogs, so you have to click "Read the rest of this entry" to see the whole thing.
Got it?
Ok, go!


  1. i would loveee to go to japan one day. love the pictures.

  2. Your shots are great! So much more truthful to what it actually looked. (I don't know why mine turned out so moss greenish, though I'm not complaining about that.) It's great to see the photos of the building during the day from the outside, which I didn't get to see as I got in from underground, and it had already been dark by the time I got out.

  3. I'd love to go to Japan once... this whole different culture and attitude is soooo nice!! And I trully LOVE their food!!!! It's so amazing...

    Nice pics, too!:) Lucky you! :)

  4. Jeg tror de kostede omkring 16.000 Yen stykket, lidt for pebret til mig!

    Yesenia, i can definitely recommend going!

    Thanks Ai, but yours are much nicer, truthful or not.

    Skin & Bones, thanks!
    I agree, good food, makes me fat every time i go!