Friday, December 11, 2009

I got mail!

Sam sent me a christmas card, that turned out to be much more than a christmas card, actually.
Ornaments, candy, tea, soap, flowers, gum, stickers.
Just a crap-tonne of cute stuff really.

There's even a mixtape (read=cd) in there
And the original Mr. Squirrel (on the right) got himself a new friend

I bet the armadillo isn't too thrilled about the squirrels invading his windowsill, but i think they look pretty darn cute.


  1. yay, glad it arrived safely!

    Theres a whole bunch of squirrels in the shop I got them from, you may have one for every occasion now haha! i mean, who doesnt like squirrels?!

    i hope you laughed at my childlike tree decorations! they make me giggle all the time! x

  2. They're super cute, defintely going on the tree this year!
    And the cd's great too, i listened to it on my way to work today.