Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th

Second season of The Wire, what up!!

Like i told Allan, this was good enough to be a christmas present and he really shouldn't have, but i was still stoked to get it.
The first season was so much better than i'd expected, more addictive too, and i can't wait to find out what happens next.
I hope this season won't cause me to constantly worry about the safety of my friends in Baltimore like the first season did!

Today our friend Toshi landed in Copenhagen airport.
He's spent a month or so in Germany and is making a quick stop in Cph before going home.
This is the first time we've ever gotten a visit from any of our Tokyo friends, so we're happy he decided to drop by.
We decided to take him for a quick sightseeing-by-bike tour of the city today.
Nothing specific was planned since we couldn't make up our minds about what to show him, so we just rode around the center and looked at landmarks, old buildings, weird ass climate installations (stupid summit is making the whole city look ridiculous, and i bet it's costing a fortune too) and pretty christmas lights.
The tour ended at out favorite coffee shop on Vesterbro.
Not a bad day, not a bad day at all.

For dinner i made frikadeller, or Danish meatballs, so Toshi could taste some traditional Danish food.
And that's pretty much the only traditional Danish food i know how to make, now that i think about it, so i'm glad he liked them.

The light at RĂ„dhuspladsen made everyone green

Now i think we're gonna eat some christmas cookies and watch Inglorious Basterds.
Not a bad day at all.


  1. ooo do i see a little how i met your mother in there? i think i do.

  2. You most certainly do, i LOVE that show!

  3. The second season is AT LEAST as good as the first one. Enjoy.

  4. roger and i own all the seasons of the wire and probably have seen it all like 10 times. it never gets old! i love it!!!

  5. We just started on 2 last night, it's so good already!