Monday, December 7, 2009

December 6th, and 7th too

Last night my computer started acting like a real jerk, and by the time it decided to act reasonable again, i was too tired to blog.
So here's yesterdays christmas calendar goodie, as well as todays.

We still haven't listened to it, i'm almost afraid i'm gonna like it so much that i'll start kicking myself over missing the concert they played while we were in Japan
Todays present, more awesome leg-wear... i think my husband might be trying to get me to wear skirts more often!

Last night i never even got started on the gingerbread cookies.
We were beat after work, so i just cooked dinner and then we played some Gears of War 2 on the Xbox.
It's been a while and it felt damn good to kill some locust scum again.
Sadly, my eyes got tired real fast, so we didn't play for as long as we would have liked.
Maybe today will be stay-at-home/bake cookies/play Xbox/clean apartment day?
Sounds like an ok mix to me.

Ps. A friend from Japan is visiting for a few days and i wanna take him somewhere fun tomorrow... any ideas?

Kom så mine med-Københavnere, hvad fanden byder man en Japaner i DK i december?


  1. Jeg har lige set i nyhederne, at de i Japan bygger en tro kopi af Tivoli, så måske Tivoli kunne være sjovt, selvom det er lidt kliché? Det skulle jo være så hyggeligt i december (siger de - jeg har aldrig har været der i julemåneden, he he).

    Ellers måske sådan en sightseeing tur i en bus, hvor I har tæpper og varm kakao med. Who knows, måske lærer du selv noget, ha ha.

  2. I want Monsters of Folk! My husband was just telling me about it two days ago because I'd never heard of it. I was excited because I thought it was a compilation (like Monsters of Rock, of Hair Metal Ballads, ha). I had no idea it had Connor Oberst in it. Please tell me what you think about it!

  3. Connor was another person I didn't "vibe" too well with. Ha.

    Royal Cafe (Oh I WISH!), the Black Diamond (or that library), Louisiana, that cafe on the corner of Nonsensegade (sp?)...

  4. Jeg ville tage på julemarked på Christiania -Det er monster hyggeligt dansk. Det starter på torsdag vistnok?

  5. Og gå i palmehuset i botanisk have; det er både gratis og sjovt at gå rundt oppe under kuplen i Hr. Carslbergs kulturelle byggeri ved vintertide.

  6. Glyptoteket, tivoli der er super jule pimpet og husmanns vinstue for smørrebrød.

  7. oh now I'm curious too!

    *wanders off to find some music*

  8. Update; i've only heard bits of the record (mostly side one) but so far i really like it. I'm all about the M. Ward, so obviously the songs that are his are my favorite, but the whole thing sounds really good.
    But, the vinyl doesn't come with free download, so you pretty much have to buy it twice if you want the vinyl, just fiy.