Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22nd

Todays present requires an xbox360 to work, so i guess we're gonna have to bring ours with us to the country tomorrow.
Cause i can't possibly be expected to wait to play this until after christmas, can i?

I was actually looking for this at Youngs shop the other day, but i just couldn't remember the title.
So i asked my nerd husband and my nerd homegirl and neither of them could remember it either.
That did strike me as odd, but i didn't think much of it.
Turns out that Allan had already bought it, so the sneaky bastards were both trying to divert my attention away from zombie video games.
Good job you guys!

I see zombie slaying in my future

I wore my very old Madonna Who's That Girl t-shirt (with a picture from the album True Blue on it, must be a bootleg) to work yesterday.
This is why i don't throw shit out, one day it'll all (well, most of it) become useful again.

I don't even know when or where the t-shirt is from, but everything else is from Japan, as usual
The beret is from a shop close to our place in Koenji

It has been snowing like crazy all day.
When snow become as rare as it has in recent years, you tend to forget how awesome it is, and how much you've missed it.
I so hope it'll stay over christmas.


  1. Oldschool Madonna holder for evigt! Og jeg tror vi får hvid jul i år!

  2. yay!!! I'm getting my Xbox tonight, complete with Left 4 Dead 2! :)

    We should swap gamer tags when I'm all set up! x

  3. You is gonna absolutely love the zombie slaying , sister !!!! Let me find an xbox that fell off a truck in HK and we can play live !!!

    AK + Cricket bat !!!!!

    See ya tomorrow !

  4. Hah, lidt mærkeligt at vi lige pludselig begyndte at snakke om alt muligt andet?! Det var ret sjovt. EPIC WIN, som man siger :D

  5. I've just been playing it, its fucking awesome!!! x

  6. wow i had alot of blogging to catch up on there!
    Hooray for a white christmas!!! I wonder if I will have the same...

  7. Jonny's absolute favorite game!!