Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

We watched four movies yesterday and we both fell asleep to the last one (Porco Rosso, we're gonna finish it later).
I haven't watched that many movies in months and it felt so relaxing and just... great.
What felt less great was waking up around 6 in the morning.
Stupid jet lag and stupid restless Lucifer.
The boys woke up at 8 (actually Lucifer snored so loud that he woke Allan, it was pretty funny) and we decided to just get up.
We're never up that early, so it was almost fun, an experience.
I lit some candles and we ate a little breakfast, and then i got a present.
That's right, my crazy awesome husband made me a christmas calender again this year!
Sometimes i can't believe him.
Some of the presents are from Japan, todays was from one of my favorite shops in Koenji.

My best guy with a bag full of goodies
It's called "hygge", look it up
Score, some sweet winter tights!

I'm gonna have to get him something really fuckin nice for christmas this year, aren't i?


  1. Well that is so sweet - I want a Christmas calendar aswell!!

  2. Yay for god mand!
    I år er første år jeg ikke har fået pakkekalender - der kom lige en Krølle i vejen! Så i år giver jeg manden kalendergaver i stedet!

  3. Uhh ham har du sgu opdraget godt! Jeg har lavet en til min mor i år, og de siger jo, at det er bedre at give end at få. Men det er jeg nu ikke helt enig i... :)

  4. awww, that is so sweet! he's a good egg!

  5. nice! its like christmas for me every day too seeing what Allan got for you! Go Allan!!!