Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here are a bunch of random awesome stuff that for some reason didn't really fit in anywhere else.

By now i am probably in Kyoto, hopefully having a good time with Allan and Hata and a million other tourists.
We'll be sleeping over at Hata's moms house, so that should be fun.
Who knows, maybe there's even internet and you'll hear from real-time-me too!

Allan-deer at Tokyu Hands
Flowers that look like Mickey Mouse in Harajuku
Awesome earphones!
I can't use these with the iPhone, but if i could, i'd get the Gachapin ones
I agree, please do it at home
Any guesses as to what item this was written on?
Fancy green donut (and Hata tattooing Brian in the background)
Found at the 100 Yen Shop (i checked, there really is horse fat in this)
Swedish readers might enjoy this


  1. Do what at home? I can't tell what she's doing (I've accidentally left my readers in the car today)- is she putting on makeup?

  2. haha that deer head...

    aww the Korilakkuma earphones.

  3. allan looks awesome as the alan-deer! i hope you bought it and plan on making him wear it every day!

    those headphones are the coolest, i want all 3 pairs! x

  4. haha! that's so funny. there is no English word for "fika" right? fika is the best sunday activity, for sure!

  5. Would it be Mickey Mice or Mickey Mouses!?!

    Did you hear about the big fire in Koenji? So terrible.

    Have fun in Kyoto.

  6. Ha! Elsker det skilt, der slutter med "etc..." - som om, skilteskriveren bare gav op i erkendelse af, at det ikke gav nogensomhelst mening! Og den grumpy lurker-type bag hende med makeuppen...gisp!

  7. i like the new "deer- allan" maybe we can rent him for a chase ? (no bullets, just something like pudding)

  8. Wie geht es, wie geht es schöna FIKA!!!

  9. yaaay
    fika :D

    there really should be a good word in english for fika.

  10. Coralene, yup, putting on makeup.
    Last night on our way to the show we saw two girls putting on fake nails and single eyelashes on the train!
    It's insane, and kind of rude too.

    Clarah, no, it's just lucky Swedes who gets to use it, but it seems to be catching on.
    I say we make it an international word... like Esperanto... only one word, and cool.

    Ai, yeah, we found out when we were away.
    It's right on the shopping street between the shop and our house, so i go by there several times a day.
    It still smells like smoke.

    Fie, det var også min yndlings detalje!
    Det er forresten fra en regnfrakke til hunde.
    den havde i nok ikke gættet, hva!?

  11. Hvor er jeg bare misundelig, det ser for fedt ud! Jeg sidder faktisk forgæves og prøver at finde et japansk site hvor man kan købe chiyogami papir med sakura eller blommeblomster -har fundet noget fra amerikanske sites, men det koster jo en krig!

    Håber I har det rigtig godt! Knus fra os

  12. Hvis du ikke skal bruge kæmpe mængder har jeg noget derhjemme du må få?
    Hvis du skal bruge en større ordre tager jeg gerne noget med hjem til marts, det koster jo ikke det vilde her!
    Knus tilbage!

  13. Horse fat!??! Gross-no thanks, I will pass.

  14. Late to the party but damn I want those CareBear headphones!