Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Park pictures

I had my disposable camera film developed.
It's so fast and cheap and it's a nice change from the iPhone.

Koenji St.
Boat rides
This little guy didn't wanna walk no more (his owner, a sweet old man, patiently tried to persuade him)
This tree needed a little help, we all do sometimes
Cute, old couple
More pretty boats
I asked this kitty to come out and pose for a picture and it did

I took a few pictures with the iPhone too, of course.

Lipton tea and swan boat
Huge, hungry koi
I found a giant craft mall next to Kichijoji St.

What i like to do in Inokashira Park:
-watch couples sail boats together
-watch old people walk their dogs (they're the only people in Japan who doesn't dress their pets in ridiculous costumes all year round)
-listen to people play instruments (maybe i'm just lucky, but almost every time i'm there, someone is sitting on a bench playing something)
-pretend that i live in one of the nice houses at the edge of the park
-breathe the fresh air, it smells more like forest than park there

What i don't like:
-being alone with my own thoughts for too long.


  1. sooo pretty, if love the swanboat

  2. hey, while you're there, if anyone has any ideas on how we could see the tattoo skins in the Tokyo University, that would be awesome.

  3. Nice shots! Did you have them scan the prints or the film?

  4. I normally get prints made, but this time i just got the CD, i figured i can do prints later if any of them are good enough.

    Shawn, i'll ask around!