Saturday, November 14, 2009

No time

We've been in Yokohama from early morning till now, late at night.
There's no wireless at the shop, or anywhere else for that matter, so that doesn't leave much time for blogging.
Too bad cause i have about a million pictures just waiting to be posted.

Fortune kitteh

I spent most of the day walking around the Ishikawacho area, Motomachi and Chinatown.
Chinatown is nice and it's always a good walk.
I didn't have my usual wet dumpling, but i might go back for that tomorrow.
Can't mess with tradition.
And yes, Allan is getting tattooed for two consecutive days.
Sucks to be him.

I'm kinda running out of stuff to do in Yokohama.
Nearby Motomachi is the shittiest shopping street ever, seriously, unless maybe you're middleaged, have no taste and way too much money.
My favorite Yokohama spot, Sankeien Garden, is nice if the weather is good, but i've been there lots of times and the harbor area has been explored too.
Yokohama is weird... it's so close to Tokyo, and yet so different.
So today i spent a lot of time indoors, at Yellow Blaze.
Most of that time was spent studying Japanese with Ayaka who is now six years old, and will be losing her first baby tooth any day now.

My new pencil sharpener
My "learn Japanese" app and notebook
Ayaka wrote this
Our homework
A fancy toothbox

Pictures of Chinatown and Allans back... some day, maybe tomorrow night?


  1. a toothbox? ooh thats creepy! I've never seen one like that! sure, we have the 'baby's first tooth' ones here, but for the full set? thats just weird! What about the tooth fairy?

    isnt it strange how we all have such different cultures, what seems 'weird' to us, is totally normal in another culture!

    looking forward to more pics and seeing the progress of Allan's back! I mean, who doesnt want to get tattooed by Shige?!x

  2. Sej tandkasse! Jeg havde en lille porcelæn krukke til mine.
    Og den der lykke kat? Jeg så en i det pureste guld i dag!

  3. just wanted to tell you that i love your blog! actually you inspired me to start my own, which is not online yet but yet in the making.

    so keep posting, people love it!! enjoy your stay in japan.

  4. Thanks miss Doe, let me know when you go live!

    And thanks Elsa, but what's with the kanjis?