Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mystery box

I bought two (and only two, yay me9 mystery boxes at Tokyu Hands the other day.
One Hello Kitty food box and one cute animal package.
I'm mostly over my Hello Kitty phase, but sometime it'll suck me back in with some cute little item that i just can't live without.
At least this one was light and cheap!

Kitty rice omelet perhaps?
Squirrel in a teacup?
Nope, guinea pig in summer hat (or is that a hamster? I'm not sure)
Kitty birthday cake!
Mmmm, strawberry
Cutest little plate and fork
Everything comes off, even the candles
Cups and a little take out box

Man, sorry about the crappy light in these photos.
I just can't find a good setting for "giant fluorescent lamp".
But what they lack in color and contrast, they make up for in cuteness, right?


  1. What is it with squirrels in cups this morning! Sweet little guy- look at this ring too (you have to scroll about halfway down, but you'll see):

  2. I still love Hello Kitty. Only the classis version though. Not the one who wears pink dresses and tiaras.

    The guinea pig in the hat is hilarious. Why can't we get things like this here too?

  3. That's so cute :D
    Hmmm, maybe I should look more at those things next time I go to Toy Tokyo in New York.

    And it'll be another one of those things my host children can't touch, haha.
    (I'm working as an au pair right now)

  4. Ej men jeg bliver jo nødt til at give dig moneys med næste gang, til at shoppe legesager til Krøllen! Good stuff!

  5. Wow!! Those are the best blind box (or bag in this case) surprises ever!!! I would probably have had a hard time restraining myself from buying a whole case...


  6. That's the same one!
    I guess a lot of people are buying these!

    Elisabeth, definitely not for little kids, it's all tiny parts!