Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My sweet potato...

Since arriving in Japan i've eaten a lot of desserts, sweets and other goodies.
I normally don't eat much of that at home, but here i kind of let it all go.
My latest dessert obsession is sweet potatoes.
Or more accurately, SWEET POTATO PIIE! (Sorry for the caps, but that part must be yelled out loud).

I believe this is the guy who started the whole thing, tiny ice cream of total awesomeness
The other day at Takashimaya i ordered this, hoping it might contain sweet potato, but it wasn't very good (although there was something on the inside that kinda tasted like a wet potato)
This is what i should have ordered, at least i know for a fact that these are delicious
Last night at Osaka Pizza (not actually the name of the restaurant) i ordered a sweet potato crêpe, but the waitress could not handle serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, since that wasn't what it looked like on the menu, so something was missing...
So me and Hata ordered this, i took one scoop for my crêpe, and Hata ate the rest
The perfect plan!


  1. I'd be in so much trouble if I had all these cute desserts around! I have no self control :) And I love these posts, it really makes me want to run away on a Japan vacation!

  2. the mushroom dessert looks so yummy! but almost too pretty to eat!x

  3. Måske er jeg bare ekstremt gammeldags, men æhm... Kartofler som dessert?!

  4. who knew that sweet potato pie existed?! it sounds so strange but i'd love to try it..

    oh you are making me hungry now!!haha, hope you are having a lovely day x

  5. I have to try that "sweet potato pie." You are so lucky you are here during the sweet potato/marron season!

  6. Jamen Anne, det er jo SWEET potatoes.
    De er delish, det lover jeg!

    Kirsty, if you can find it, go for it!

    Pyrrhus, me too, me too...

    Ai, i know, and i'm a total marron-oholic too!
    Everything is tempting to me at the moment...