Monday, November 16, 2009

If i lived in Japan

I often wonder what the hell i'd do with myself if we ever moved here.
Not that we're planning on it (relax mom!) but a girl can dream, right?
Obviously i wouldn't manage our shop, cause we wouldn't have one, and last i checked, being a tourist wasn't a job.
And i'm honestly not qualified to do much, even less so in a foreign country.

But i think i know now.
If i lived in Japan i'd take pictures of cats.
And maybe the occasional dog.
I'd walk around Tokyo and photograph cute animals all day long.
Maybe i'd even borrow Allans camera.
Yup, that's what i'd do.

Here's one from Harajuku today
And from Sankeien Garden yesterday
Seriously, there's a real market for pet books here!
This one was so cute even Allan melted a little

Remember this one from back in April?
I still think that's one of the best pictures i've even taken.
Obviously it's just a really lucky shot, but i still love it.


  1. I wish I could be doing just that and nothing else!!!

    Don't you just love mike neko!?

  2. i think you could, you're such a great photographer.
    And yes, they're pretty much the best, especially the tiny one there.

  3. He he, trætte kattesen! Det er et awesome billede!!