Sunday, November 1, 2009

Edibles (and stuff)

We're going to Tokyo on friday, the timing almost couldn't be worse, but who cares, it's gonna be awesome!

Last night i made some Japan-inspired dinner
It was ok, but i can't wait to eat the real thing every day

Now to something completely different; please don't un-follow me right now.

Let me rephrase that: if you were planning on un-subscribing to this blog (although i can't see why you would with all the crazy excitement going on here, like food and dentists and stuff!) please wait a few days, so i can enjoy having 100 subscribed readers!
I'm doing my best not to make a big deal out of this (and obviously failing), but come on, it's pretty exciting.

Now, i know some people think it doesn't matter, but having this blog and having more than just a few people reading this every day, motivates me.

Because of this blog and it's readers i try to to write better, more often and about more interesting stuff.
I try to get better at taking pictures, both when i travel and at home.
Because of this blog, and the encouragement from it's readers, i decided to start selling my hats instead of just making them for myself.
The blog even motivates me to create new things, cause if i've been too lazy for a while, the blog and it's readers are right there to remind me.

So uhm, thank you all for being here, i hope you know how much i appreciate it.


  1. No, thank you for being so awesome, and a pleasurable daily read!

  2. Det er nemlig ikke helt løgn, det du siger der. Jeg tror faktisk, at jeg ville opdatere ganske ofte, hvis jeg vidste, at der var nogen, der læste det.

    Tillykke med de (næsten) 100 læsere og bliv ved med at være awesome, ik'?

  3. Ups, du HAR jo over 100 læsere! Ja ja, det er vel mandag...

  4. Congrats on the viewers! Keep blogging, I find your posts really interesting and inspiring. Plus, you seem like a really fun gal. I'm looking forward to hearing about your Japan trip!

  5. Hurra for mousen og hendes interessante blog!! Over 100 followers er ret meget sejhed!

  6. I haven't commented before but I have been reading for awhile - congratulations on the followers and have fun in Tokyo!

  7. why would we ever want to un-follow you?! we're not mad! xxx

  8. i love reading your blog,it's always super fun and interesting:) xxxx

  9. Det er da pretty damn exiting! Stoor blog. They grow up so fast!!

    Nej, seriøst, tillykke. Der skal noget helt særligt til at ramme og fastholde så mange mennesker, og det er du!

  10. 102 followers!!! Reading your blog is the first thing i do every morning.
    It is inspiring and motivating.
    Have a great trip!