Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm not really sure what to do with myself today.
I'm feeling way more awake and the weather is lovely, so i definitely don't feel like spending all day in a smoky tattoo studio (yeah, they still smoke in studios here, it's so gross), but at the same time, i don't have my camera so i don't want to go anywhere too pretty.
Normally i'd probably just go shopping in Lumine or Tokyu Hands, but there's that whole trying to save money situation to consider.

Last night was weird.
We thought we were going to dinner with Kishi in Shimo-Kitazawa after work, but it turned out to be dinner and a show, starting with the show.
It was one of those typically Japanese situations where you end up in a crowded livehouse full of punks and psychobillys and the band playing is fronted by a dude who thinks he's the Japanese Elvis and who tells way too many jokes you don't understand.
I was a little too hungry to fully enjoy this experience, but afterwards it was fun.
Little Elvis even gave us free Cd's, but no one thought of having our picture taken with him.
After the show Kishi took us to dinner as promised, at a sketchy little Chinese restaurant with really delicious food.

All the iPhone apps in the world couldn't save these pictures
Jon & Brian
I guess you don't wanna go there...
Whatever this is, i'll take two!


  1. Your updates have been really interesting so far! I hope you figure out something awesome (but not too awesome with out camera) to do.

  2. is there any museums open you could go to? I suppose if the weathers nice you might not want to be stuck in doors. I went to the strangest museum in Meguro. All about parasites and germs and stuff. Lots of photos and lovely diagrams and models! nice! xx

  3. So funny. Is it a typically Japanese situation for you!?!

    Kishi looks like a real badass! Cool!

  4. I ended up going to the park with a disposable camera, worked out well.

    Ai, the day after we visited a bike garage and went bowling in the middle of the night.
    Strange things do happen here a lot.
    Kishi is a total badass, everyone we know respects the hell out of him.
    But he's so much fun, a real character!