Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did i do that?

I have been working on (not really working on, just messing around with) this embroidery for a couple of days.
They're snowflakes and i was gonna add more, but i got sick of doing them.
Maybe i'll go back and finish it after Japan.
It snowed today and i sure hope i didn't somehow bring it here, messing around with ancient snow symbols like that.

The first one
Aaaand i'm bored
My new hair after the stylist had used a flatiron on it (not something i ever do myself... i did use to own one, but i gave it to an American client in need)
This morning (that's why my face looks weird... i hope) with my stupid straight-with-a bit-of-swush-do


  1. Oh I love the snow flakes :) it was sunny enough here in Cali that I was in jeans, a thirt and just flip flop when I picked up the boy from school. How do you get your snowflakes to look nice on the inside of the sweater? I always stuggle with having the "wrong" side of my work looking good.

  2. Jeg synes dit swush gør dig hyggelig.
    Og tak for sne, jeez!

  3. Dit hår er simpelthen så fint!

  4. Så fint hår, meget fine pakker, knap så fin snevejrs-mojo!!

    Husk forresten at købe en ugle, hvis du møder en i Tokyo. Hav en dejlig tur, når I kommer så langt..