Friday, November 13, 2009

Clear view

My Powershot is back!
We went by the Canon office yesterday to pick it up before meeting the guys in Shibuya.
Of course i'd forgotten my memory card at home, so i didn't get a chance to test it until late last night.

The light in Japanese apartments is just so warm and inviting, right?
I must say, it's nice to be able to take a non-blurry and non-grainy picture again

I really am happy to have my camera back, but while it was away i got a new camera crush.
It's so awesome and pretty and not even out in Denmark yet.
But... i can't spend that kind of money on this trip.
Maybe next year.


  1. cute picture of you and allan <3

    :) x

  2. Oh congratulations! You must have been going nutso without it! You guys are sure sweet :)

  3. I ser søøøe ud! Jeg mangler også mit kamera (dvs oplader), og man er så handicappet uden! Øv.
    Håber I hygger i Japan. Blog en masse billeder mkay?


  4. you two are cute! And I'm glad the camera fixing worked out :)

  5. How was your Mont Blanc!?!


  6. Hurra for kamera og kyssebilleder. Men HVAD er det for en...regnormekage?!

  7. Hihi, thanks!
    Yes, i was just about to go crazy without my camera.
    I even said to Allan when we first got here that i didn't feel like me, because i could't take the pictures i normally would!
    So it came back just in time.

    Regnormekagen er bare noget af det bedste, men hvad den er lavet af aner jeg ikke.
    Men der er flødeskum indeni!

    Ai, it was soooo good!!

  8. Det ligner en grise kage! ..Eller grise nudel tingest..