Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can you handle the tooth?

Last night i decided that my gross, crooked tooth was necklace material after all.

Here's what it looked like last night when i was painting it
Here's what it looks like today after many layers of paint and lacquer
Doesn't look as real anymore, which is probably a good thing

I decided that Coralene was right, this is my little badge of courage and kind of a good luck charm too, i think.
And now i can truthfully say that i once drilled a hole in my own tooth!
You know, in case someone should ask.

This whole experience got me thinking about something.
After i found out that i needed to get the tooth pulled, it seemed like everyone i talked to had gone through the same.
And still, whenever i go through something bad, i feel like i'm the first and only person in history this thing has ever happened to.
We are such egotistical creatures, aren't we?


  1. That's it, you are officially the craftiest person I know. What a great idea- much better than a hat, because now you can wear it more often. I love it!

  2. my thumbs are very much UP for the tooth fairy bling!

  3. Hahaha...årets sjoveste blogtitel!

    Tak for din lange og søde kommentar om Dineren. Det betyder meget for mig!

  4. haha I got my boyfriend's wisdom tooth. Mine had to be broken into tons of little pieces to get out.
    But I actually got a tooth tattoo for mine.

  5. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TOOTH!!! (Det havde peppep scenen endnu mere op!)

  6. that is awesome ! I never thought to do that with mine, I wish I had.

  7. But not everybody has made their wisdom tooth into a necklace!

    (Also I'm yet to meet anyone who's cut the back of their tongue, haha...)