Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bye bye hummingbird

The hummingbird headband (the first of them, that is) went to its new home a few days ago.
I also got word that the snail arrived at his new home in Australia.
Phew, very relieved about that last one, shipping to Australia takes forever from here.
I bet the snail never expected to go that far when he was a little snail, living by the tracks on Vesterbro.

I love packing, wrapping and shipping out packages.
That's why i used to sell on ebay, back when that was still fun.
Sometimes i wish i could produce more and that i had the connections to sell my work at some cool shop somewhere, but then i wouldn't get to know who the people buying my things are, and i wouldn't have the opportunity to try and make nice, personal packages every time.
There are definitely a lot of good things to be said about selling your work online, but ok, i still would like to have just a few pieces in a shop in Cph.
Some day.

Another package
The snail, all wrapped up for the long journey
I wish i had more of these red boxes

What i don't like about being an internet seller:
-Going to the post office.
Why do the people working there have to be so damn mean?
-Never knowing if an item you spent countless hours working on is gonna make it to it's destination and if it does, if it'll be intact
-People not letting me know when it has in fact arrived
-The Danish shipping prices being so high, that they're making it impossible for me to compete with American sellers.

And the worst part: being so insecure that all i think about from i ship until the buyer have received their package is: "do they like it, is it ok, are they happy, are they disappointed"?

This one is getting picked up at the shop tomorrow.
I hope she'll like it.


  1. I'd be so darn happy if something so fancy arrived at my doorstep. You must be spending way too much for all the wrapping. Those boxes alone cost a fortune at Laduree or some chocolate places or something.

  2. The top box was pretty cheap, i made it all fancy myself afterwards with old wallpaper and decoupage clippings.
    The red one was from the Danish version of 100 yen shop, so again, pretty cheap.
    I recycle a lot too, use boxes and wrapping that i've received goods in.
    Nothing goes to waste around here!

  3. Your wrapping is so pretty! it is so evident to see that you put alot of love into not only the item but also the wrapping it self.

  4. hun elsker den - virkelig =) hav en fantastisk tur til Tokyo