Thursday, November 19, 2009

Away for the weekend

Tomorrow we're going to Osaka.
We are not stoked about this.
We're going there for a one day tattoo event and those are usually pretty horrible.
And this one is apparently out in the middle of nowhere, the electricity at the venue is... irregular and the whole thing doesn't end until 5 in the morning.
We tried to get out of it, but they already put Allan on the program, so that's that.
And now we have Shinkansen reservations too.
I hope we'll be able to sneak out early and have Rei take us around Osaka, i'd like that.

We'll spend sunday in Kyoto with Hata and that's always fun, so at least we'll have that to look forward to.
Must remember battery charger....
Where was i...?
Oh, right, i have no idea if there's internet at the hotel, but there usually isn't here, so i've cheated a bit and scheduled a few posts for you to read over the weekend.
Now, i know it's not the same as posting them in real time, but it's still better than a dead untitled blog, right?
So please drop by and leave me some comments, so i have something fun to come home to on monday.
You know, besides the MEG concert!

Domokun bus in Shibuya today
I desperately want gold fish, these are from Tokyu Hands Shibuya where i found some good hat making stuff today


  1. you should get a fish tank in the new shop!

    they are such a lovely addition to any room!

    plus, relaxing for people to watch when they are getting tattooed!xxx

  2. You should have dropped yourself off at Nagoyaaa. I have this weekend off for three days.

  3. For reals? Now I'm bummed...
    I can't even make any plans to sneak off cause I don't know where the hell we're gonna be!
    If you get the urge to go to Kyoto on Sunday, give me a call!
    If not, I'll see you in Tokyo soon.

  4. have u checked out keibunsha bookshop in kyoto! it was my only and fave stop in kyoto haha..

  5. it looks like they are just floating in the air with no water! orange fish with wings instead of fins :) x