Monday, November 30, 2009

Something for the little ones

It's been a while since i've posted anything hat related, mostly because i haven't been home to make any, but today i finally have some news.
Back in October (i guess?) i made a series of four head bands for kids to be sold in a Nowegian webshop.
I posted just one of them as a teaser back then, but now that they're actually up for sale i think it's ok to reveal them all here too.
Thanks for the order Camilla, they were super fun to make!

Princessinferno Mini
Princessinferno Mini
Princessinferno Mini
Princessinferno Mini
(All photos by Allan)

To see what they look like on the head of an actual little girl, or to purchase one for your own little princess, visit the Snøstorm Webshop.

Sometimes it's true, there's no place like home

I don't think i've ever traveled this sick before and it sure wasn't easy, but with the help of my awesome husband i made it.
The best part of the trip was that our bags were only slightly overweight and they didn't charge us anything at check in.
Although i didn't sleep as much as i usually do, the flight could definitely have been worse.
The hardest part was probably starving and having to watch Allan eat all the delicious airplane food (no, sadly i'm not even kidding, i love that stuff).

A short while after we got back to our cold apartment, my parents brought Lucifer home and it wasn't long before the three of us were sleeping on the couch.
Maybe it was a bit too early because i woke up at 4 this morning!
Allan's snoring sounded like 15 angry barnyard animals, so i never really fell back to sleep.
But luckily Allan and Lucifer woke around 8 and we all got up together.

Since we woke i've been a tornado of energy.
I'm still sick, but after days of just lying, waiting and sleeping i just needed to do something.
So i've cleaned up the workroom, unpacked all the little souvenirs and craft materials ( i got some killer stuff this time), done the dishes and two loads of laundry.
I've even eaten a bit.

Allan is at the supermarket and Blockbuster now, and when he comes back we're just gonna veg out and watch movies.
I wish i could eat real food and not only toast and yogurt, that would really make this day perfect, but i'm taking it slow.
I don't even wanna catch up on blogs today, i did once and all everyone seems to blog about is food (not just you Ai)!

My breakfast: chamomile tea and dry toast (the ziplock bag is full of japanese medicine from Chisato, i don't know what most of it is, i just eat it)

Now, if you're wondering where i got that awesome little teapot, here's the story.
The same day we were about to leave for Japan, a giant package arrived at our door.
It was from our friends in Austin, Tina and Roger.
We had just enough time to open it and take pictures of the goodies before we had to leave for the airport, so today is the first time i've used the teapot.

Huge package, huge surprise
Cutest crochet bag
Bracelet and a kawaii pouch
Owl/tree necklace
Yay skull!
Hehehe, Allan is not metal
In addition to tattooing and running a shop, Tina also finds time to make hats, jewelry, bags and hair accessories (i brought the yellow bows to Japan)
There it is!
Hat pattern book, for actual hats, i can't wait to try out some of these
Little green tee
For Allan!

Don't you wish you had friends like Tina and Roger too?
Yeah you do.
Thanks guys!

The next couple of days, or however long this takes, i'm gonna stay home and try to get well.
I'm gonna try to not think of work, and not stress myself with all my deadlines and just... relax.
And when i feel up to it, do some serious Japan blogging of course!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bye bye

On wednesday i got food poisoning.
I ate so much that day, so it's impossible to know from what, but Allan thinks it might have been sushi.
I started feeling it on thursday and by night time i was a hot/cold shaky feverish mess.
Friday wasn't much better, so we booked the hotel in Yokohama for another day, and i just stayed there while Allan hung out with Shige and Chisato.
Getting home from Yokohama was just awful, but i won't get into that.
Today, saturday, is the first time i've even used the computer since i got sick, so i hope that means i'm getting better.*
Today is also my last day in Japan and i spent it lying in bed and struggling with packing.
And coughing, because i still have that cold too of course.
I'm not too bitter about it though, when i get really sick i usually get really homesick too, so i'm actually looking forward to seeing my dog and my family (and my couch!)

Wednesday in sunny Shinjuku, before i ate whatever it was i ate that made me sick

Wish me luck on the trip tomorrow.
Getting to the airport with my super heavy bag is my biggest concern since i haven't eaten in two days and i'm feeling pretty damn weak as a result.
Once we're in the air it'll all be ok i hope, Allan was the first to check in online and got us awesome seats.

*Even if it was just to check the Narita timetable.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad blogger

I have excuses!
Many of them!
Wait just a minute, you did notice that i haven't been blogging much, right?
If not, just ignore me.

Since we got back from Kyoto i honestly haven't had a moment to sit down, have some coffee, edit pictures and write about my adventures.
And as much as i'd like to, i'm probably not gonna have time while we're here.
Tomorrow we're going to Yokohama again, but this time we will be staying there overnight.
Shige booked the hotel for us, so i have no idea what the internet status is there, but if there is any, i promise to stay in a blog all day!

Today i hung out with both Ai and Izu, last night Crystal, but more about them later (there's that time issue again).
For now i'll just post a few pictures and say goodnight.
When i come home to this apartment it'll be time to pack up and go home.

At a pretty shop in Kyoto
Total matryoshka madness!
But i bought these two, not sure why, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time
Mr. Fox from Russia
And his little deer buddy, who's probably from China

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tokyo Night Party (at 5 pm)

We're back in Tokyo after a hectic weekend in Osaka and Kyoto.
We pretty much went straight from the Shinkansen to Odaiba where the MEG concert took place.
Ok, we did stop at home to change into our red clothes, as required by the dress code!

Allan had to buy a t-shirt on the shopping street
That's us, right there in the back!
(Photo from MEG's blog)

The concert was so awesome, i can't even explain.
And it's late so i don't have the energy for it either, but i will post more pictures, and a few videos, soon!

Ps. Thanks for all the great comments while i was away, made coming home even sweeter!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here are a bunch of random awesome stuff that for some reason didn't really fit in anywhere else.

By now i am probably in Kyoto, hopefully having a good time with Allan and Hata and a million other tourists.
We'll be sleeping over at Hata's moms house, so that should be fun.
Who knows, maybe there's even internet and you'll hear from real-time-me too!

Allan-deer at Tokyu Hands
Flowers that look like Mickey Mouse in Harajuku
Awesome earphones!
I can't use these with the iPhone, but if i could, i'd get the Gachapin ones
I agree, please do it at home
Any guesses as to what item this was written on?
Fancy green donut (and Hata tattooing Brian in the background)
Found at the 100 Yen Shop (i checked, there really is horse fat in this)
Swedish readers might enjoy this

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mystery box

I bought two (and only two, yay me9 mystery boxes at Tokyu Hands the other day.
One Hello Kitty food box and one cute animal package.
I'm mostly over my Hello Kitty phase, but sometime it'll suck me back in with some cute little item that i just can't live without.
At least this one was light and cheap!

Kitty rice omelet perhaps?
Squirrel in a teacup?
Nope, guinea pig in summer hat (or is that a hamster? I'm not sure)
Kitty birthday cake!
Mmmm, strawberry
Cutest little plate and fork
Everything comes off, even the candles
Cups and a little take out box

Man, sorry about the crappy light in these photos.
I just can't find a good setting for "giant fluorescent lamp".
But what they lack in color and contrast, they make up for in cuteness, right?