Thursday, October 22, 2009


I have a wisdom tooth on the move.
It's not super painful yet, but it's very, very uncomfortable.
I booked a dentist appointment, but it's right before we go to Japan, so if they need to (gasp!) extract it, it'll have to wait another three weeks.
Bad timing must be my other middle name.

In an effort to not do any shopping before Japan, i'm wearing the stuff in my closet that i don't usually wear.
Like this vintage leather skirt paired with a sweater vest i found in the trash, and tartan tights from Jeans Mate.
It may not be pretty but... no, that's it.

It's as if i just bought them
Fairy cake all the way from Paris, home made too!

Ok, i take back what i said about the tooth, it is actually pretty painful.


  1. Sorry to hear about your toothy troubles :( But I bet handmade Parisian Fairy Cakes taste even better than cakes made by regular, non-fairy, people in a regular, not at all crazy romantic, city.

    P.S your tights are pretty awesome too!

  2. i haaaaaaaaaaaate the dentist.
    good luck with that! hope it isnt anything major like extraction!

  3. my wisdom teeth are growing into my cheeks! i can sympathise! xxx

  4. Tand- og ørepine er to ting der gør så ubeskriveligt ondt! Stakkels! God bedring mouse!