Thursday, October 8, 2009


I put some vintage clothes for sale in my etsy shop tonight, just for the hell of it.
I like it when other sellers offer different items and it seemed like a fun way to clean out my closet/basement.
I have things that i've never even worn myself and let's face it, if i haven't yet i'm probably never going to.

Top is for sale, made in Denmark too!

Now, 30 Rock on the couch and then bed.
You know, the good life!


  1. hmmm I would look mighty HOT in that pink only concern is buying clothing online....not being able to try it on :( I am fairly small on top 4/6 US sizes but I have giganic breasts which kinda throws off the flow of some shirts. What to do, what to do????

  2. I found your blog randomly searching today - and I think it is now one of my favorites <3 You are such an interesting and cute gal! I'm off to go read more of your posts :)

  3. Tanya, i'm a size small and it's a little too big on me (and my breasts are not gigantic!) so it might fit you?
    But i know what you mean, buying online is a gamble, but i still love it!

    San, thanks so much and right back at ya!
    You work is really good and i love the look of your blog too, so cute.
    And i was just reading through your older posts and found both references to Jaime Hernandez and my favorite Tommy February6 song (Hey Bad Boy)!
    I'll definitely be coming back!

  4. okie dokie order placed :) It will be so exciting to be able to wear something that came from Danmark! That part makes me really super duper happy....its one of the reasons I would really like a danish tattoo, so I can just have a tattoo that reminds me of having it done in Danmark.

    San, I also checked out your blog :) super duper coolness!!