Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stupid technology

The G9 is dead too.
Am i camera cursed?
Allan seems to think so.
With two dead cameras on my conscience, three if you count the original ixy, i think it's probably about time to go get them fixed.

Me, Allan and Nick had a nice shop dinner (except for the part where i ordered a vegetable stew and it came with some sort of mystery meat in it, hmm) from a new delivery place, so i didn't have to cook dinner when we got home.
A nice way to start our early weekend if you ask me.
Yeah, that's right, we're off tomorrow and i think that's just what i need.
I still have this friggin cold that i need to shake, but mostly i just need time off to do something fun and creative, something new.
And also, to study Japanese.
We're going back in less than a month and i haven't as much as looked at Rosetta Stone in... i can't even remember the last time.
We do have to take Lucifer to see his new vet tomorrow afternoon, and go to Nicks gallery opening in the evening, but apart from that, we're off.

I just made this little quickie hairclip for someone, but that's it for tonight

Now it's time for more 30 Rock, this time to be enjoyed with some ice cream.


  1. Faldt lige over denne her: - hvor din blog er nævnt.

    Tak for en fin blog!


  2. I recently went through 3 digital cameras in one month! All of them just breaking for no specific reason. I have bad electronics luck. Now I'm cameraless! Time to start looking for a new one.

  3. Hej Camilla, hun postede en comment forleden, det er nok en fin blog hun har.
    Tak for link og fordi du gider læse med!

    Three in a month is a little crazy!
    I think my bad camera luck is mostly my own fault (i tend to drop them) but this last one just died.

  4. I'm the same with laptops and with cameras!

    things like to die on me! :( xxx

  5. I'm curious to see what you think of Rosetta Stone. They're so expensive (!!) but they sound like they're very user-friendly.

    New 30 Rock starts on Thursday!

  6. ew i hate finding meat in food that is supposed to be vegetarian ;(