Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pretty bird

The blog has had a crazy amount of hits today, way more than usual.
I guess i should get screwed over by creepy Australians more often, huh?

Well, i'm happy to say that the blog is back to its lazy, mellow and drama free self today.
I had a nice time at work as usual, enjoyed some customer-brought chocolate cake and went for a long bike ride out to our old apartment only to find that i'd brought the wrong key and couldn't get in.
It was windy too.

One of the awesome birdies that Felicia and Emil brought us, the other two stays at the shop
Seriously, don't you just wanna pet him?


  1. hey amalie!! i love your new header.. and im wondering if you are up to helping me with my blog design? just some ideas? HUGS sara

  2. Oooh - he's so cute! ... He looks sort of curious and a bit flirtatious - as if he has a smile and a wink in his eye! c",)

  3. So pretty! Little sweetie bird. What kind is he? Not that I know anything about birds... "Ah yes, the red-bellied Appalachian finch, I know them well."

    Man, that girl's a creepo. I mean the whole scenario is freaky, but the fact that she's also posing as this happy wife... that's just crazy. I wonder what else she does. Probably shaves her eyebrows and eats dirt.

  4. what's with your customers and chocolate cakes and cupcakes? denmark must be filled with these cake-loving tatoo-loving people or something...

    when in november are you gonna be in osaka!?!?! i'm so there (if the schedule allows)!

  5. Hehe, eats dirt... i'd say that's likely.
    I'm not sure what kind he is, the tag is in Swedish and from 1972.
    It looks like it says "Törnskata"?
    So not a red-bellied Appalachian finch!

    I think it's just our clients who love cake and tattoos, not necessarily a Danish thing.
    I think we're in Osaka around the 21st, i tried to get out of it cause these tattoo events are so terrible and it's not even in the city, but Inkrat already signed Allan up for it:(

  6. I dont want to steal the birds, no siree!

    I dont want them at all...

    ....I'm still not managing to convince myself... x

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