Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh hi

I don't really have time to blog today.
I don't most days actually, but today i really don't.
It's Nicks birthday, so i went straight home after work and grocery shopping to make birthday burgers.
Because there's enough cake in our lives as it is, so birthday burgers seemed more special.
And the were epic too, so good in fact that i forgot to take pictures.

So, back tomorrow!


  1. I thought about doing that before too. I'd have to make different sizes since Minnie is quite big for a small dog (those doggie treats...)
    I'll let you know if I ever get around doing that. Lucifer obviously would get a special discount haha

    Happy birthday to Nick!

  2. Lucifer does not ask for special treatment, he won't mind paying for some spiffy quality mens wear!
    Let me know if you ever wanna do some, i'll send you his measurements.
    I think he's about a regular small (with a little extra meat on his bones after the surgury!)