Saturday, October 24, 2009

Multitasking= sucking at several things at once?

Still practicing knitting, still not any good.
It's gonna be more than a while before i start working on the secret project that got me knitting in the first place.
I think i might actually have to get good at this before starting it.
Ugh, i hate learning new stuff.

Speaking of new stuff, i decided to finally try some of the Sublime Stitching patterns i got from Tina and Alice.
The other day when me and Anne went to the hobby shop i bought some embroidery yarn, just enough to get started, so last night i did a test.

My desk today: the sweater was bought on etsy a while back and arrived today (it has a faint cat pee smell, so i have to wash it before wearing it, but it looks awesome)
Stitching test, i mixed white and baby blue for the rice
Another test, mixed two kinds of green for the nori

The embroidering is fun, but i think i'm gonna have more fun with it if i do some designs of my own as well.*
But not today.
Today i'm gonna try to not notice how dark it is outside, try to forget my health problems and drink some good coffee and tea, watch some Firefly and snuggle with my puppy.

*Also, who puts a belt of nori around their salmon nigiri?
Not me.
Remind me not to go for sushi the next time i'm in Austin.

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  1. Yum, it's all about food i alle afskygninger på the UB i dag hva? Hvis jeg var sulten (og kunne bevæge mig) ville jeg komme forbi. Godt ser det i hver fald ud!