Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More season 8

We are so into the "Buffy Season Eight" comics at the moment.
They're pretty much exactly like the show, which means they're like, pure genius.
And with comics they can do so many things that just weren't physically, or financially, possible on the show.
I'm almost out, though, and it'll be a while before i can get new ones.
But at least i hear they're doing a 9th season.

Allan is a few issues behind me, so whenever he laughs i go "What? Which part are you at now?", and i'm guessing that's super annoying
A shot from tonight of Allan and Lucifer being super adorable, as usual


  1. Hvor er han sød! Det kan ikke være nemt at sidde og tegne med en Mus i favnen, men han gør det stadig, awww!

  2. I know, han er bare den sødeste mand EVER!