Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lets get physical (ish)

I finally did it.
I signed up for, and attended, an intro to Pilates class.
I know it's been a while since i bought those yoga pants and said i was gonna stop ignoring my body and start exercising, but i've been sick, busy and , well, undecided.
All the yoga places i looked at were so... spiritual.
And if you know me, you'll know that that's not my thing.
I just want a stronger, better vessel to carry me around, you know?
And Pilates seems to be all about that, without being all saved and preachy at the same time.
It was hard, but also nice.
I've been doing sit ups on my floor for so many years, that my abs are actually super strong (too bad they're hidden by a thick layer of belly fat!) and that really helped me today.
The studio is between work and home and i think i'll try to go there about once a week.

What better way to celebrate ones journey into the world of fitness, than eating leftover cake?
Lucifer, he's such a strange little dog-person
Listening to our new records


  1. Does your spoon have a plate with a piece of cake on it?? So cute!

    Pilates are fun. Painful (to me) but fun. Good for you! Even if you do go just once a week, it feels so much better- mentally as well as physically- to know that you're doing something for your body. I love the title of this post. You're funny :)

  2. oooh that cake looks so yummy! i could eat it in one go!

  3. Good luck with Pilates! I've always wanted to try that, but I somehow end up just doing yoga instead. Hmm...

  4. Århh, du er foran! Jeg havde egentlig besluttet mig for at prøve det dér Pilates, men så var der det ene, og så var der det andet. Og det faktum, at sport er røvsygt, og alt, der involverer holdånd og måtter går ind under kategorien sport. Nå. Men du er sej, og jeg er misundelig! Ihh, godt gået.

  5. Why yes it does!
    I always buy a lot of teaspoons in Japan, it's fun to eat cake with them!
    And the cake was just as good as yesterday Kirsty!

    Thanks San, i think it'll be good for me (going from nothing to anything is always a step in the right direction i guess!)

    Tag en intro time, det er meget ikke-sporty, jeg kan jo heller ikke døje sport.
    Det kunne være vi kunne tage nogle timer sammen engang imellem, det ligger jo heller ikke så langt fra jer?

  6. hmmm I guess if your gonna do it I should too :) There is a yoga AND a pilates studio just up the street from where I excuse not to join one of them and get my body in better shape.

    Super congrats for actually doing it

  7. that illustration about Darwin is completely brilliant! you have delightful taste!