Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ldn. pt. 5

Monday was probably my favorite day.
A day of just hanging out with our big convention family, which was actually a lot of convention families and friends from all over mixed together to a super crew or something!
We had breakfast, and went shopping.
The perfect way to spend our last hours in the city.

Hata had overslept on sunday so Anki needed to take his picture for the project, right here at Liverpool Street Station
Allan was like a portrait coach or something
Me in my new WotW t-shirt
Taking pictures on the tube
Of, uhm, feet
Topshop eat
As the hours passed, people split from the group and went to the airport and me, Hata and Allan went to this little gem of a shopping area where i bought a dress
The last picture i took in the UK this time, i call it "Crane over weird-ass apartment building"

I was gonna write something, but after this blog-a-thon i'm feeling a little blank.
But my point was probably something about how even though i'm a little over the concept of conventions (i am, i feel like i've done a million and well, it was gonna get old at some point, right?) it's the only way we get to hang out with our many friends from other countries, and finally having friends from Germany meet friends from Japan meet friends from the States (and so on) is pretty special.
So we'll probably end up doing a ton more in the future.

Ps. Don't forget to check Allans blog for tattoo pictures from this weekend!


  1. Ooooh where is that beautiful shopping area with the tree in the middle?
    Looks like you guys had a great time. I really need to go to the London Convention next time (I say that every year haha)

  2. So weird seeing you in places that I pass everyday. Liverpool St is my stomping ground :)

  3. Betty, it's called Kingly Court, it's off Carnaby St.
    Loads of cute shops there!

    Emma, if i'd known i would have left you a little tag somewhere!