Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pine forest owl

I've always loved locket necklaces.
I used to have a big, round gold one when i was a kid, don't know what happened to it though.
I remember it had a photo of a boy i was in love with.
Just can't quite remember which boy...?

I bought this one on etsy not too long ago and i've got a bunch more on my favorites list
Inside you'll still find a boy i'm in love with... and a dog too


  1. Så fin!! Og fine billeder i den! Og sikke fint din owl skull tattoo heler! Det hele er så fint! :-)

  2. So pretty!I love the pinecones on it. I have a silver locket that has been given to the girls in my family since my great grandmothers time, not as ornamental as yours.

  3. so pretty!
    I love that you put a picture of Lucifer in it too. Yay for dogs.

  4. its beautiful! i want one!

    jealousssss x