Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't usually do these

I rarely do a RIP post here on the blog.
I think they're depressing and, for the most part, people have already heard about the death of a celebrity elsewhere before i get around to posting it here.
And that's the case with this one too, i'm sure.
But still...
This is Patrick Swayze we're talking about, you know?
I grew up watching Dirty Dancing and... well, that's all i need to say really.

Now, if i had the soundtrack on my iPhone i'd put "She's Like The Wind" on repeat all day long, but sadly i'm so friggin old that i only have it on LP.

Instead, here's a few pictures of The Swayze as i want to remember him.


  1. Jeg skal sørge for, at du får den på din iPod næste gang vi ses. Sad. Just sad. Måske vi skulle lave en Swayze hyldest aften, med Dirty Dancing, Ghost osv?

  2. Storsrtet idé!

    Roadhouse? Point Break måske?

  3. Eller alle 4?! We can do it! Så laver vi en dag ud af det; mødes kl 12 til hjemme-brunch og så går det løs?! Weeeee!!!

  4. Makes me sad :( he was in a lot of movies that I loved - Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Point Break, The Outsiders, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar and of course his great skits on SNL...the chipendales dancers was one of my favs :)

    I missed reading you :) I was out of town for a workshop, and didnt bring my laptop since I knew I would be to busy for it.

  5. Ahh he will be so missed. Dirty Dancing is one of the greatest movies! I have the sound track on my ipod. Ive been listening to it alot..

  6. Thanks Tanya, it feels good to be missed!
    Hope you had a nice trip?

    I should get in on the iphizzle too, it's a great soundtrack and one of my all time favorite movies.