Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here fishy fishy

It's become a tradition of mine that when Allan goes to a show, i eat fish.
See, i don't like hardcore shows and Allan doesn't like fish that isn't sushi, so it works out perfectly!
So tonight i made myself a pretty awesome improvised fish dinner.

Salmon, veggies, pasta
Cream, parmesan, mozzarella
Topped with freash tomatoes, avocado (another thing Allan hates) and lots of pepper

Seriously, so good.


  1. Yum! Ring lige næste gang Allan skal til koncert!!

  2. WOW how can he dislike fish? Being danish that just sounds odd to me :) heheheheheh

    Your dinner looks super duper yummy, even if I dont eat fish anymore....LOL...I guess Allan and I would get along great. What kinda show did he go to? Jasen and I are gonna go see Butthole Surfers AND Mc Chris next month :) super duper excited!!

  3. MUMS!
    Jeg gad også godt kigge forbi til fiskedinner!

  4. Mums hvor ser det dog lækkert ud!

  5. That looks totally magnificent. Did you just make that up??

  6. Yeah, i'm not good at recipes, so i just make it up as i go along.

    Tanya, it's such a bummer that he doesn't eat fish, but a lot of people here are picky eaters.
    If it wasn't for my health issues i'd be a human garbage disposal, but Allan is not!
    I'm not sure what the show was, maybe Throwdown? That's a thing right?

    Måske jeg skulle invitere alle på fisk næste gang Allan er til koncert?