Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm feeling a little strange today.
At work i was just fine, but standing in line at the supermarket on the way home from work, i almost fainted.
I managed to suck it up and not cause any drama, but it did not feel good at all.
I wonder if it's just the tattoo fever, or if something is really wrong.

On a lighter note, i've made some real progress on the custom project today, the base is almost done and it's looking good.
It's going well and it's super fun, but i'm having some doubts about the white roses i found the other day.
It's like nothing is really white enough.
Maybe i'll have to find something else online after all.

I didn't make the bird skull, i just painted it
Lucifer is not impressed, nothing new there

Me and my sore shoulder are gonna go to bed now.
Hope i feel less weird tomorrow.


  1. eeppp! I'm getting so excited!

  2. Lucifer is looking super cute when he is not impressed!!!!

  3. Funny boy, does he always sleep on his back like that? It seems strange but he looks so comfortable!

  4. He likes to move around a lot when he sleeps, so he'll get into the strangest positions.
    But he really is comfortable like that!