Saturday, September 12, 2009

Close, but no Tokyo Sprinter

We went to town on Allans bike today.
I love to ride around on Allans bike with Lucifer on my lap, it's pretty much my favorite thing in the world.
But the reason i didn't take my own bike was actually that i'd planned to buy the Tokyo Sprinter i fell in love with a few weeks ago.
Sadly, they didn't have an orange one that was assembled, so i'll have to come back another day, maybe tuesday.
I can wait.

So awesome

After the bike non-shopping we went to check out this fancy schmancy shop that is currently exhibiting some of the photographs from the tattoo book.
Turns out that the only really huge photograph on display was of... me.
Yeah, weird.

Here i am, in this store i can't even afford to shop at, ha!
What up!
For once Allans portrait was fairly small (he didn't mind)

It got cold, so we headed back to Vesterbro to buy coffee and some cream soda for later, and apparently on Vesterbro it is now officially autumn

Ok, enough slacking, back to hat and collage making!


  1. Dét er jo for sejt! Mental high five!!

  2. Ha, Allan looks like he's being such a tough guy in his picture. They both look very nice though! I hope Lucifer didn't feel left out, he could have been the centerfold :)

  3. That picture of you and Lucifer for that book is to cute for words!

  4. That's a nice picture of you two. I esp. love Lucifer's profile.

    The bike with the yellow sales tag looks like it's sold at Village Vanguard or something. So is it a Japanese bike or is it just named like one?

  5. I think it is an actual japanese bike, i've seen the exact same one in Koenji (maybe that was at Village Vanguard, actually?), and i've never seen them anywhere else before.

    And Lucifer is such a photogenic little boy, isn't he?

  6. Har kigget paa den cykel saa mange gange, og de er bare saa seje. Som tjiller bikes er de saa geniale, som travlheds cykler er de ikke helt saa gode.. Men goer det, goer det - er meget misundelig!! maybe some day :)