Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Not to worry, tonights post will not be a pity posts.
Although we are listening to sad, pretty music, my mood is a lot higher on the cheer-o-meter today.

I didn't get much work done at the shop today.
Our friend Anne dropped by and since we hadn't talked in a while there was much bitching and complaining about Denmark to be done.
And coffee drinking of course.
Not long after Anne left, my Mille dropped by.
Holy awesomeness, i haven't seen her in forever and i don't think i realized how much i've actually missed her until today.

After Allan finished work, the three of us picked up some takeout and went back to our place for eating and more talking.
Since me and Mille go back, in fact we go all the way back to the beginning of me, there was a lot of catching up to do and old friends and family members to talk about.
And of course, just life in general.

So all in all, a fine day of yapping!

Saw this little gentleman at the thai takeaway place

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