Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anniversary goodness

Man, sorry for the lack of posts lately.
I was gonna do an anniversary post yesterday, but we got back from work so late that we decided to veg out on the couch with burgers and ice cream instead.
So here, a few shots from our magical day!

Mr. Husband got me pretty flowers
I got dressed up for going out for coffee
And again for dinner (i like dressing up)
It rained all day
I picked the entertainment and surprised Allan with a trip to the planetarium to watch "Dolphins and Whales in 3D" (romance for nerds, y'all)
I learned that manatees are the best animals ever and that i'm a little scared of humpback whales
Dinner was awesome, but there were almost too many dishes for me (i could eat them all, but my attention span can't handle sitting around for that long waiting for food)
Panna cotta!

We ended our evening on the couch watching "Swimming Pool".
If anyone can tell us what the last 7 minutes was about, please do let me know cause i haven't got a fucking clue.
But otherwise, one of the best days in a long, long time.


  1. I think the girl wasn't really the owner's daughter. I can't remember, I saw it quite awhile ago and wasn't too impressed, but feel like you're supposed to think that the younger girl is the "real" daughter.

    I can't believe you guys have been married for eight years! I'm glad you had such a lovely day together. Happy anniversary!

  2. Nerd love is gooood love!

    Jeg har 2 spørgsmål: Hvad er en manatee og hvor spiste I - det ser vildt godt ud!


  3. See, that's what i thought, but it still didn't really make any sense.
    No, not impressed at all.
    Eight years sounds like such a long time, but it doesn't really feel like it.
    But thanks!
    Being married is fun!

    1:Manatee=sø ko=bedste dyr ever!

    2: Famo51 på Gl. Kongevej, helt vildt meget lækker mad til en fornuftig pris!

  4. aww the 'family portrait' pictures make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

    and i love manatees! Manatees and beluga whales are the cutest things in the ocean, ever!!! :) xxx

  5. I figured that the author "wrote" all of the events that occurred in and around the vacation home. So the real daughter was really there, but she wasn't really a sexy, dangerous vixen, the author made her into a sexy, dangerous vixen for her story. Yeah? Maybe?

    Okay and I wish you could have just heard the dialogue in my house regarding the final photo in this post. Sid passed by and said,"What is that poop?" Then Aveline said, "Oh Mom, that's such a pretty hat she made, isn't it?" (We were just previously viewing and adoring your hats!) And then Jonny came up and said, "That's a hat?! It looks exactly like food!" Are you inspired by Miss Aveline's mistake? I told her it would be a beautiful hat!

    And Sid wants me to tell you and Allan that we LOVE the show Dexter and we think you guys would love it, too!