Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too soon

Yesterday i had a piece of cake.
Today i had a cup of coffee.
This evening we went out for sushi with Eckel and the Ripleys.
And now i find myself back on the couch, alone, with an achy belly.
That'll teach me i guess.
Baby steps, Amalie, baby steps.
Tomorrow i'm going right back to chamomile tea and bananas!


  1. Aiiijjj! Jeg sender goodvibes til recovery med turbospeed!

  2. super duper lameness :( hope you feel better and are back to real people food, soon enough.

  3. Amelie,

    i know this is out of context. But i wanna ask you when you went Japan all these years, i noticed that you always stay in the same hotel in Koenji. Can i know the name of the hotel and how much is it per day?

    Im going to Japan and have limited budget for hotel.


  4. Thanks guys, i'm feeling much better now!

    Mikael, it's not a hotel we stay at in Koenji, it's an apartment we rent, so there's no name or daily rate.
    The firm we rent through don't have online booking as far as i know, we just know them cause they're just down the street from Inkrat.
    I suggest you try Sakura House, or Sakura Hotel.
    They have apartment, guestrooms, hotels and hostels all over Tokyo and they're cheap too.

    Good luck!