Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pirates and her majestys porcelain

You're not gonna believe this, i almost don't, but i think i broke my camera.
Yes, the new one.
I dropped it and now the objective won't go in when i turn it off.
Hopefully Allan can find the receipt and i can get it fixed, but until then, the blog might be going through another iPhone camera phase.
Consider yourself warned.

Here are some of the last pictures i took before it got injured, most of them are from me and Alice's walk around town on friday.

Feodor eating his shoe in the shop
Baby friendly tattoo shop, or as much as possible anyway
Hello baby stroller
Aw, hells no, not here too!
Alice noticed this building that i never really paid any attention to before, seeing my city through new eyes is one of the reasons i love having people visit
Kgs. Nytorv, it was later invaded by pirates (no, really)
Someone was selling these at Gammeltorv, there was a lot of ugly in one place that day

Today the baby is feeling a lot better, so we might go do some actual sightseeing when he wakes up.
Yesterday we just walked around Vesterbro a lot, but we did have icecream AND sushi, so it was still a good day.


  1. ugh Ed Hardy! Hate that brand so much.

    I hope your camera is easily fixed.

  2. so its wrong that i love the teapot and cups then? :) x

  3. BLÄ! Fy fan. Jävla Ed Hardy :(

  4. Yup, i hate it too, a lot.
    Have you guys also noticed that the people who wear those glitter nightmares almost never have any tattoos themselves?
    It's kinda funny.

    Sam, you're from the UK, i think you're supposed to love them!