Sunday, August 16, 2009

The number of the...

That's right people, post number 666 is here and there's nothing even remotely satanic about it.
I disappoint myself too.

About to head out for a long walk on the beach
Even trash is pretty down here
Fishermen are messy creatures
Ladybug death cult?
Got about four nice crab claws
Horse's ass
Pretty purple beach flowers

I hate that we have to go home tonight.


  1. anddd in my 'reading list' this blog was posted 6 hours ago! another 6! :D

    poor ladybirds :( xxx

  2. I like the purple flowers, the crab legs and how beautiful it looked there today :)

    Sad for the ladybug mass suicide....the kool-aid will do it.

    FYI, a good 666 post would have been a link to the new Legions movie coming out in January opinion - it looks AMAZING!!

  3. "horse's ass"...made me giggle:)
    and poor ladybirds:(
    looks like a beautiful day though xxx

  4. I should have posted to the Legion movie, i saw it the other day when i was home alone and it scared the crap out of me!
    I'm easy to scare, i know but it did look good!

    And how nice about the extra 6's Sam, that makes it slightly more satanic!

    It was a beautiful day, too bad we're back in Cph now:(

  5. Orv, der var mange mariehøns, det ser fuldstændig syret ud!


  6. Ja, og det var bare en ud af mega mange døds-kult-tang-bunker, det vare pænt syret!