Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inside & outside

I'm waiting for blogger to upload a video, so i might as well post some pictures while it's uploading, right?

Breakfast outside our bedroom
Lucifer takes a morning nap on the ground, just like a real dog
A quick look inside my parents house
There's always load of instruments around
Vintage Rody?
That's my moms jewelry making corner
Chubby girl
Åge the seagull looking out over the sea, can you see a certain look in his eyes as if he's longing to get out there, or is that just me?
This... person is hanging from the kitchen ceiling
The outside has some treasures too, like this butterfly tree, full of (you guessed it) butterflies!
Apple on a small tree (the windows in the back are the ones that need painting)
The walnuts are gonna be huge this year

I did some more cleaning in our house today and found some pretty amazing family pictures in the process.
I also got rid of some more mirabelles and cleaned the window frames so they're ones step closer to getting painted.
Besides that we just took some nice walks and hung out, and Allan spent most of the day drawing in our workroom, so you know he's happy too.

Lucifer found this for me at the beach


  1. "like a real dog"- that's so funny! We always say "like a human boy" about Mr.B (the cat, Mr. Charles Bukowski), like he's our little Pinnochio :) Also, the cow is amazing! I wish they were smaller/less smelly/more domesticated.

  2. Smukke billeder! Glæder mig til at se det hele live!