Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It didn't get better, i got way worse.
I didn't sleep at all, but i did manage to cancel todays visit via text message in a brief moment of clarity early in the morning.
And of course today is just the prettiest day imaginable, and i've been completely unable to enjoy it.
No pictures from today, cause i haven't really been able to move until now (and even now, i'm barely moving).

When we were launching the boat
Bedroom on fire
I made fridge magnets


  1. Den stakkelste mouse man kan få. Øv for at være syg! Men flotte billeder!!!

  2. terrible. i hope you'll get better soon.

    (is that a jellyfish next to your foot!? don't they like, sting?)

  3. Poor mousy! Få det bedre snart! Kram!!

  4. you MADE magnets? im impressed! i want! an Amalie original for my collection! where do i order?

  5. Hmmm, i suppose i could superglue something up, just for you!!