Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad economy, good ticket prices

Blogger just deleted everything i just wrote and therefore killed my happy buzz a little bit, but i'll try again.

We just booked the cheapest direct flights to Tokyo, ever!
Like, seriously, the cheapest ever and we even got good seats.
Of course i feel really guilty planning something that doesn't involve Lucifer when he's feeling down, but we couldn't not buy these.
Sorry, baby, someday we'll bring you along.

November... ahhh...
Favorite city, best buddies, lots of great food, art, fashion, tattoos and j-pop.
Just thinking about it fills my heart with joy, and after watching the most awful and heartbreaking episode of Whale Wars yet, my heart needed this.
Don't worry, the irony of being happy about going to the country who's doing the whale slaughtering isn't completely lost on me, but whatever, i've got Tokyo tickets!

Last November:

Now, onto the couch for slumber party part two.


  1. Omkring tre uger, så slet ikke længe nok, men det er da bedre end ingenting!