Sunday, July 26, 2009

You don't know

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation.
I celebrated by being in a shitty mood and going to Brønshøj.
The day did get better later on.
We cleaned most of the apartment, watched Medium and our dinner consisted of ice cream, chips, more chips and more ice cream.
Disgustingly delicious, but not something i'm likely to repeat any time soon.

Sad and no makeup, so ignore the face and pay attention to the fancy Acne pants the lovely Christel gave me the other day (i got two, but i only have pictures of these so far)
Before visiting my grandfather we always take a walk in the park and say hi to the white duck
I made some food for Lucifer, paté on rye, and Morfar fed it to him
My Morfar watching Lucifer eat, he really loves that dog
Lucifer took a nap in the sun
The Danish summer, ladies and gentlemen, half awesomeness, half pure crap
On the way home i went by this monstrosity, thank god it's only temporary

Lucifer is in his basket under my desk and he's making the cutest little snoring sounds.
Best little dog.


  1. oh this series of pictures makes me happy :) your Morfar looks so danish and really reminded me of growing up and my own Morfar and Mormor :( On a happier note, my son calls my parents Mormor and Morfar which makes me super happy since he doesnt use any other danish.

  2. Every time i see pictures of your outfits I get all giddy inside, you're like the cutest little dress up doll that ever existed!

  3. That's cool Tanya, the words Morfar and Mormor are great.
    My Morfar is the only grandparent i have left, so he's pretty special.

    Thanks Wren, happy to entertain:)

  4. I am not sure what has happened here in NYC. I may have brought back the Danish summer with me because it has been one rainy summer in the big apple!

  5. Bummer, i hate rainy summers...
    I haven't even been out swimming once this year.