Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunny Bisserup, here we come

Our Copenhagen vacation hasn't been exactly what i expected it to be.
I was thinking we would go on bikerides, to museums, maybe out to dinner.
And i thought i'd be working on this old bike that i found a while back, and maybe put up some shelves or something?

But nothing ever really goes the way i plan it, and so our Copenhagen vacation was mostly spent inside.
I've mostly been spending my time hat making, food making and DVD watching.
Allan has been working on the same project (now finished) all week.
And sometimes i've dragged him out for a walk with me and Lucifer, and he's hated it.

The weather yesterday started out terrible, but it got way better, maybe because it was my moms birthday?
The most expensive latte ever, and of course it tasted just like all the other ones
See how he's loving spending outdoor quality time with us? Just loving it!
A strange creature emerged from the murky water...
Lucifer fearlessly greeted the water creature!
iPhone magic by the lakes

Right now i'm multitasking like crazy, trying to finish blogging and pack for Bisserup at the same time.
My selection of holiday clothes is really weird, and a little country-looking, but i've learned not to fight the urge to dress for the location.
But i am having trouble paking all my hat making stuff in a secure way.
Better get on with it.


  1. ladybugs!! I haven't seen any in years

  2. AAAAA !! Scary see monster !! Get away from it , Lucifer !!! Is he ok ?? Anywho ... I'm in LA and I think I got Swine flu or Ebola ... Hoping on the first one ! Hah !! All is good but I def. miss ya guys !! Hope all is good in Copenhagen even though I'm not there !!!

    + Coffee place is not moving ... Me and them are opening a little studio ... For artsy crap and stuff !! Pretty rockin' !!!

    Miss ya !! Happy Bisserup and say hi to your folks from me !!

  3. happy birthday to your mom. and have fun! zo

  4. We ran into a colony or something, they're all over the place in Bisserup too!

    Nick, hope you're having fun in LA (as much fun as a person can have in LA that is!), Lucifer says to tell you he's just fine, and the folks say hi back!

    Thanks Aimee!!