Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roskilde (part... three?)

Ok, enough of these long and busy work days.
I'm not lazy and i don't mind hard work, but i am exhausted and i need my weekend now.
And i feel like i've been neglecting my personal life lately.
I have a ton of things on my private to-do list that's not getting to-done cause i'm too busy at the shop.
Allan is beat too, of course.
Poor thing just wants to watch dvd's when he gets home.
Aaaand that concludes the pity part of todays blog, now here are some more Roskilde photos.

The bands we saw that day were:

Faith No more
Down (which i didn't technically see and that was fine by me)
La Coka Nostra (i'm an old House of Pain fanatic, so i had to)
A tiny bit of Nine Inch Nails (Allan saw most of it and said they were awesome)

I would have liked to have seen more stuff, but at these things you mostly go were your homies wanna go, you know?

The first glimpse
We hadn't even been there for five minutes before we ran into first Jacob and then Martin, both already pretty wasted
I wore a dress and a huge summer hat, it was insanely hot, the kind of hot you can't even dress for
This is my feet after less than an hour (you've already seen what they looked like after a few more)
We sat in the shade of those trees for the whole show
Sushi at Roskilde? Sure, why not...
Allan sitting in an area called The Oval, also known as the pit of no phone reception
They totally did Jump Around and we were in heaven

Ok, i think that's the last of the Roskilde posts, for this year at least.
I do hope Allan will post some of his awesome shots too, but these days, all he wants to do is watch Weeds.
Can't say that i blame him.

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