Monday, July 6, 2009

Roskilde (part one)

I am tired today.
So tired.
After a whole weekend of walking, baking in the sun, listening to music and more walking, we came back to a shop that was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning (the cleaning guy is on vacation, dang it).
And also about 14 unanswered emails, less than patient people wanting appointments, too many calls, two clients, random walk ins, hotel booking, sterilizing and a ton more Monday related things.
I haven't been this tired in a long time, so the real Roskilde post will have to wait until tomorrow.
Right now i am watching some more Burn Notice.

Beyond good weather
Filthy feet at the Faith No more show
Backstage passes? Yeah, we got 'em


  1. OHHHH I love love love Faith No More, though I have heard from a friend of a friend that Mike Patton is a super big jerk....I envy your backstage'ness :) Coming home to all that "stuff" doesnt sound like much fun though. I will let you know that I missed you and your blogging something fierce!! I am sooo happy to have you back home and blogging.

    We had an uneventfull weekend...we downloaded Whale Wars season 1 and had a mini marathon watching that...its such a fab show and Jacob (the 11 year old) is really loving it and even told me that when he is old enough he would like to go out on the sea and fight whaling...made me feel very proud as a mommy

  2. Sikke et frækt lille suit på det sidste billede, wink wink!

  3. Scary backstagepass!

    Åh, hvor ser det dejligt ud, jeg glæder mig til at vride mig af misundelse når du ruller den rigtige Roskildepost ud.

  4. Next time I meet you, I wanna have you say "Roskilde" as I never know how to pronounce it right. I hope you are resting well! Looking forward to more report & photos from "Roskilde."

  5. Festivals look like so much fun! Hope you're taking lots of pictures. And, cute shorts!

  6. Tanya, i've only ever seen bits of Whale Wars, but i'll try to find it soon!
    I'd be proud too, what a good boy!

    Mike Patton sure has an asshole vibe, i could feel it all the way from where i was sitting, but who cares, as long as they're good, right?