Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Not finished yet, it took much longer than both me and Allan had expected and well, you know.
More details tomorrow, right now i am seriously beat and need to go veg out with my husband.

No photoshop, just a really bright flash


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I am getting some tattoo work done tomorrow AND I am also getting a red poppy. Here in Cali they are normally orange, so having a red one is a big deal and totally reminds me of my childhood in Danmark and Spain (we lived in Spain when I was a tiny little kid). How odd is it that we would both be getting red poppys? I thought long and hard to pick a flower that would be fairly unique. I guess great minds think alike :) Yours is sooooo beautiful.

  2. the colour is amazing! this is why i CANNOT wait to get tattooed by Allan!xxx

  3. cool, i hope, i´ll see this tomorrow !
    :-) servus

  4. I nåede en valmue! I'm proud! Med den smerte du var i, er det hardcore!

  5. cant wait for a better pic without tape in the way!

    i got the top of my arm worked on on saturday.. but only 2.5 hours. and im glad the appointment was so short cause i may have been a bit hungover...

  6. Thanks Tanya, that is pretty funny that we're both getting poppys at the same time!
    I guess we just both have awesome taste, huh?

    Thanks Sam, Allan is alright i guess:)

    Igl, when are you guys coming?
    It's wrapped, but you can see a little bit!

    Vi nåede hele kraniet, alt det grønne og en enkelt valmue, meeeen... jeg ville jo gerne ha' nået mere.

    It'll be a few days i think, before i can get a good shot.
    And who knows how long until i can get it finished!
    I think two and a half hours when you have a hangover is pretty good, i hope there's gonna be pictures soon?

  7. POWER LINES !!!!! Good job , yellow pants !!!