Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poppy tattoo, the longer version

So, yesterday was obviously a great day, cause i got me a new tattoo.
But also a not so great day cause i didn't finish said tattoo, as i had hoped to, and that really bummed me out.

The day hadn't started all that great either, i lost a bunch of hair in the shower and that always freaks me out and after that i found out that my comfy fat-jeans almost fit me and that wasn't particularly fun either.
Why is it that people have no problem telling me when they think i'm too skinny (i may have occationally been slim, but i've sure as hell never in my life been skinny), but when i pack on some extra pounds people just go: "naaahh, what are you talking about, you look fine!"
I'd love it if someone could warn me next time i'm gaining weight, so i don't have another fat-jeans incident!

Ok, that was a bit of a detour, back to the tattoo.
Helle was getting tattooed as the same time, by Eckel, our current guest artist.
The tattoo was pretty big and covered some fairly uncomfortable spots, but she handled it like a total pro, just as i'd expected.

Helles beautiful new Vegas wedding inspired piece (about four hours, that's my girl!)

I think my own session started out well enough, even though it hurt way more than the russian antler girl did.
Getting tattooed next to a friend was fun too (in the "ouch, this is not fun at all" sense of the word, i guess) and as usual the iPhone was a total life saver.
The lines alone took about two and a half hours and i guess it just hurts more when it's concentrated on a smaller spot, like the friggin shoulder, and all the little thin details didn't help.
But i still thought it could be done.
After five and a half hours it was still nowhere near being done and i was getting weak with hunger.
Anywhere on the upper shoulder started to feel like the neck, anything on the back side started to feel like the ribs and nothing felt even remotely ok.
It was 10.30 and i hadn't eaten anything but bananas and chocolate bisquits all day, and to be honest, Allan wasn't looking too good either.
So after much debating (i'm stubborn and i really hate being the one to say stop) we gave up and went back home to eat some gross ghetto food (there's no good food in Copenhagen after 9 pm) and watch a few episodes of Medium.

Today i'm feeling swollen and tired, but ok, but i'm still really disappointed with myself for not finishing.

Now, if you were wondering where the idea for my tattoo came from, it's an idea i've been working on in my head for a while, but while the tattoo is one of a kind, the idea is not all that original.
Not that i would ever copy anyones tattoo idea, but i'm not above stealing from the world of fine arts!
The poppy/wheat combo has been done more than a few times by Alphonse Mucha, one of both me and Allans all time favorite artists.
Allan used photos of actual poppies for reference, though, not these paintings.
As for the owl skull, i guess i could come up with some deeper meaning, but the truth is i just really like bird skulls.

Art Nouveau goodness
From the book "Alphonse Mucha- Masterworks" by Rosalind Ormiston

I don't know when we'll have time to finish it, but i hope it'll be soon.
It's looking so beautiful and it's fun to finally have a piece that me and Allan are almost equally excited about!


  1. Wow det var da rimelig sjovt. Jeg har de sidste 6 md gået og kigget på Alphonse Muchas kunstværker efter jeg så to billeder (sikkert bare nogle plakater) på et loppemarkedet i Forum. Han har bare noget af det sejeste og flotteste man længe har set. Glæder mig til at se hvad i har fundet på!!

  2. yay! I cant wait to get tattooed by Eckel next week! make sure he does me a nice drawing :) tell him i'm lovely and deserve an extra special tattoo! haha

    im so excited to see a close up pic of your arm :) xxx

  3. Mmmm, enig, der er bare ikke rigtig noget finere end Mucha, jeg tror vi har fire bøger med hans arbejde og vi kommer sikkert til at købe flere!

    What are you getting done?
    He's probably home drawing it right now!

  4. getting a harry potter portrait in a pretty frame and some roses. but not of the film actor, an 'eckel-ised' version :) xxx

  5. That sounds awesome, i'm sure he'll have fun doing that too!

  6. LOVE YOU BLOG and your TATTOOS! You are seriously COOL...! haha. I am serious though... MEGA COOL. My nickname is Poppy and I am just about to change my name from Jane to Poppy officially...! Thanks for the inspirational images and words.
    xx Poppy